Clifford Hood
Salvadoran food here - delicious. Food was so yummy. Really nothing but great experiences here, so I will be back. Prices were appropriate.
alekhya venkata
Very yummy food. Tried it for the first time and loved it. Reasonably priced, good quality and quantity. Friendly staff as well.
Kaitlyn B.
So yummy and they are lovely people. We're definitely making this a weekly takeout spot.
Orellana Sandy
The best pupusas,, recommended at 100 %% Great food
Manny Aguilar
Best Pupusas in the Bay Area! They are not small, they are a perfect size for the price. They got sazón! This is the first Pupusas spot where I've been where they have an additional homemade hot sauce, and OMG is it good!! You can ask for the hot sauce and regular, mix it and get yourself a mild sauce. It gives it that additional kick and taste like no other.
Monica P.
Excellent pupusas! The pupusas are made to order, so be prepared to wait a little while (about 20 minutes for our 7 pupusas). We ordered takeout, and the pupusas were still piping hot by the time we got home. We got chicken, pork, and mixed pupusas. The pupusas themselves were juicy and very flavorful. The spicy salsa was more on the mild side, but it still added a nice kick. I will definitely be back!
Consuelo Ulvia Mancilla
Recommended to 💯 delicious pupusas 💯 💯 Salvadorans Great food